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Ladder Frame Construction

Our Ladder Frame buildings provide another construction option when looking to put up a new farm shed, garage, or storage building. With a more efficient framing process, Ladder Frame buildings tend to be more competitive than conventional building designs and can reduce additional framing labor and materials. These pre-engineered buildings also make it easier for header and opening installation as well as adding future insulation. And you can expect your Ladder Frame building, like any other building solution from Hoppe, to be fully guaranteed with an excellent warranty.

Why Ladder Frame:

  • Faster and easier to frame – ceiling is faster using 4’ O.C. trusses with 2-ply columns
  • More competitive and cost-effective than conventional building designs – reduces additional framing labor and materials
  • Accommodating building structure – easy to add future insulation plus easier header and opening insulation
  • Pre-engineered structure is tailored to fit your needs and built to last.
  • Fully guaranteed with exceptional warranty

Full details on Ladder Frame buildings (PDF)