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Post Frame Construction

Our Post Frame Buildings (or Pole Barns) are the perfect solution for machine sheds, farm shops, livestock buildings, or a variety of other agricultural buildings. With the ability to engineer and manufacture post frame buildings to fit any size or need, you will enjoy complete customization and greater flexibility when designing your building. We also use laminated columns that are pressure-treated with preservatives approved by the EPA to increase their longevity – and we back them up with our 50-year structural post warranty.

We also offer a cold storage building option. We combine the strength and durability of our post-frame building structure with our Energy-Lok Insulated Panel system to provide you with a high-quality, energy-efficient and environmentally-safe cold storage building solution.

Why Post Frame:

  • Site preparation is easy. Post-frame structures are very adaptable to problems sites such as steep slopes and flood plains.
  • Greater design flexibility when using post-frame construction techniques. For example: Long span trusses create large building open areas without the need for interior load-bearing walls. Wide post spacings create flexibility for large wall openings.
  • Building system cost savings are considerable. Savings can be realized in: materials, labor, the use of more cost-effective construction equipment, lower interest costs due to quicker erection, less building maintenance and energy savings.
  • State-of-the-art engineering is built into our post-frame construction providing dependable guaranteed performance.
  • Embedded post foundations can be more easily installed during winter construction than pouring concrete foundations

Why Energy-Lok Insulated Panel Systems:

  • Rapid construction – panels are a full 46 inches wide by up to 55 feet long
  • Pre-finished inside and out – G90 galvanized steel with 20 year siliconized polyester paint system warranty
  • Energy efficient – no loss of insulation over time, R9 to R43
  • Environmentally safe – no carcinogens
  • Code approval – meets most major building codes with standard fire suppression systems