Over 30 Years of Building Experience

Our Process

Pre-Construction – Honesty and integrity are two of our core values at Hoppe Construction, and we live by those values every day. Before you even decide to build with us, we want to meet with you in person to discuss your vision. Most of the time this process is pretty straightforward; we discuss what type of building you want (size, features, functionality) and then draw up the floor plans and provide you with a quote. Other times, when we deal with unique or extremely customized buildings, we may do a site visit in addition to several sets of floor plans before providing a final quote. Either way, once the floor plans and building package are agreed upon, we follow-up with a site visit and develop an action plan and tentative timetable.

Before we build:

  • Have initial meeting
  • Develop floor plans and building quote
  • Schedule site visit (number varies)
  • Create action plan and tentative timetable

Construction – With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve come to prefer the role of General Contractor and the ability to oversee the entire building process. It’s not that we need to make all the decisions like who does the concrete or electrical work; we just want to be the point person for all communication, so the project is done in an organized and efficient manner. In this role, we also provide a fully-insured work site. What’s that mean for you as the customer? It means Hoppe takes all liability and responsibility for the work site including making sure every worker is fully covered. So, you can sleep easy knowing that you will not be liable for anything that happens during the construction of your building; the buck stops with Hoppe.

During the building process:

  • Serve as General Contractor & Project Manager
  • Provide fully-insured work site, including coverage for workers
  • Maintain on-site cleanliness
  • Communicate with you (customer) throughout the building process
  • **In rare instances when we do not serve as the General Contractor/Project Manager, the customer is responsible for coordinating all parties involved in the building construction as well as holding all responsibility and liability for the worksite and all workers until the completion of the project.

Completion – Because we take pride in every detail of our work, your pre-engineered building won’t be complete until a final walk-through. We want to ensure you’re satisfied with every facet of your new building, so if you happen to see a few areas that need some fine-tuning, we’ll be happy to address them. Once you feel everything is complete, we’ll be on our way. But not before leaving you with one of the industry’s best warranties.

Confidence upon completion:

  • Your finished building comes with an exceptional warranty for your peace of mind
  • The “Hoppe Guarantee” – within the first year, if you find something that’s not up to par, let us know and we’ll make it right.